About Us

Welcome to FCE the cardle of modern computing in India. FUTECH, India's first and only specialist institute for Information Technology Careers,While most other Indian Institute have a general E-Commerce component at their hopitality courses, at FCE India we recognize the importance of a seprateand unique institute to respond to the career demands of the worlds fastest growing industry

Our multi disciplinary approach to learning , with direct input from the industry, means our southern wilt develop versatility and responsiveness to excel it, their career, courses are constantly updated to meet the changing demands the industry.

If you want to do something in Computer , you would not find a better place, every care is taken to provide an environment to of learning at FCE Centre. FCE goes to extremes to lay down specification of design and material as well as centre to that students have a comfortable environment to pursue their studies in facts fce centre comprises of one or more class rooms & computer laboratories. The students instructor is kept optimum levels to insure their individualized attention.